Organic extra virgin olive oil monocultivar Peranzana (3L)

Organic extra virgin olive oil monocultivar Peranzana (3L)

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Peranzana monocultivar organic extra virgin olive oil, in tin.
Size 3L.
Average level of fruity, ratio between bitter and spicy well balanced.

Ingredients: 100% extra virgin olive oil

Food Pairings:
The balance between bitter, spicy, fruity and low acidity make it ideal questr'olio for delicate dishes like fish tartare, seafood and baked fish. Also great for salads and vegetable dishes.

Storage and storage conditions before and after opening: Store in a cool, dry place, away from light and heat.

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The product

This oil stands out for its elegance: the balance between bitter and spicy, the medium fruity and its low acidity make it one of the most popular extra virgin olive oils. Full and enveloping to the nose, it releases hints of unripe tomato and notes of aromatic herbs.

Our strength

Our land at the foot of the Gargano National Park enjoys a special microclimate, excellent ventilation and what vegetables need most: mineral water that filters from the promontory and enriches the earth thanks to natural drainage.

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